Mobtaker Industrial Co. has initiated its working in 1989 for designing and producing low and normal voltage panel boards in different types. Mobtaker Co. is located in Aran & Bidgol industrial town of Kashan, Iran, in an area of 4000 m2, has employed young, skillful, and expert personnel in order to make it possible to produce various types of panel boards used in different industries including weaving, steel, automobile, petrochemical, and building.

Since 2009 our country increasingly needs to provide required equipments of IT particularly network and security systems also development plans have motivated Mobtaker Co. for designing and producing 19-inch standard network racks in different sizes. By using modern machinery and technology, and valuable/high experiences of its personnel, this company could accomplish this project successfully.

Today Mobtaker Industrial Co. is one of the major Iranian producers of network, server and telecommunication racks.

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